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For Goodness' Sake

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For generations, we’ve only asked businesses to deliver profits – but not anymore. Consumers and employees are demanding that business deliver social value as well as financial value, yet many of our companies are ill-equipped to successfully attempt this critical pivot.

If you want to put profit to work for purpose, this book will help. Find out how you can help your company become a vital force for good by delivering on its “purpose-for-others” through an authentic brand and hopeful culture... and inspire others to join you.

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John Seifert

"For Goodness’ Sake articulates far more than superficial corporate self-help or individual betterment. This is, instead, a new conception of how business meets a changing world…”

John Seifert

Worldwide Chairman and CEO, Ogilvy

Chris Wignall

For Goodness’ Sake is not a typical business book. It is something much more like a call to revolution.”

Chris Wignall

Executive Director

The Catalyst Foundation

Wendy Tite

"Chris Houston is a passionate and articulate writer whose insights will hit you like a cold shower..."

Wendy Tite

President, JWT Enterprises

Retired Executive, BMO Financial Group

Dr. Joe DiStefano

“NO ONE is as capable of showing us the way to a new form of successful business organization. Read Chris Houston’s ideas on Telosity and join the action to make it happen!”

Dr. Joe DiStefano

Professor Emeritus

IMD and Richard Ivey School of Business

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