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Developing Themes from COP26

  1. This isn’t an overhaul; it is a transformation. Your world must change. The world will change. It is changing. Expect the elimination of many markets and the rise of new ones. Expect new forms of capital. For example, what is the value of biodiversity? Biodiversity is a necessity, but how do we (humanity) measure its value? How do we abandon adverse practices without leaving behind the people who depend on them?  
  2. Don’t promise action; plan action and be prepared to show your work.  Promises no longer buy time. If we promise action, we better start working on it the next day. We learned the lesson about the cost of quality. It is time to learn about the cost of green. But, expect volatility, a shortage of “green” supply, and each successive generation to hold the preceding accountable. To navigate these uncharted waters, each organization needs to know who they are and what their purpose is, and they need to be able to demonstrate with data that they are genuine.    
  3. From Silos to Systems. This will take a monumental collaborative effort. But we better understand the significance of that word. Collaborative. Right now, our system is like a body without neural pathways. Each part is trying to do every role. Collaboration requires meaningful communication that contextualizes the SDGs for each individual and clarity on where each person or organization can make the most significant impact in the fight against climate change. Everybody doing everything is dumb. But if we each understand why and how our specific role is important, everything will get done.   
So, what does this all mean for business? The world is changing; either drive the change or get run over. To avoid getting run over, discern your purpose as an organization. Know your sweet spot for addressing a social tension such as climate change. Choose the strategies and measurement tools you will need to achieve the purpose of your organization. Finally, understand who you are, why your purpose is meaningful, and be prepared to communicate that meaning to your people.   


Article, Brand, Culture, Hope, Identity, Purpose

This isn’t an overhaul; it is a transformation

Article, Brand, Culture, Hope, Identity, Purpose

Creating Action

Hope, Identity, Purpose

Cop26: A Reflection


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