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Developing Themes from COP26

While at COP, Dan and I had the opportunity to encounter and hear many different individuals from different backgrounds. We spoke with volunteers, CEOs, non-profit leaders, students, CSOs, communication specialists, brewers, protestors, foresters, investors, bankers, PR experts, assistants, bellhops, and bartenders. We listened to worldviews, anecdotes, problems, solutions, boasts, and genuine wisdom. It was a firehose of information. But

Real Brands are going to thrive, will Yours?

As I stood leaning on the hoe pondering the newly emerged leaves on the soil below, I thought to myself, “these two plants have always confused me!” For the master gardener, there would have been no confusion, but for the peripatetic consultant turned work-from-home farmer, it was a puzzle.  To hoe, or not to hoe, that was the question.