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The Elora Singers    2019 - 2020

Through regular concert series, recordings, and touring, The Elora Singers has established a reputation as one of the finest chamber choirs in Canada. The choir is renowned for its diverse styles, for its commitment to Canadian repertoire, and for its collaborations with other Canadian artists.


Through interviews with a number of key stakeholders and in collaboration with the board and artistic director The Telosity Company produced a story document containing the organization’s purpose, identity, and unique value proposition.

“The Elora Singers hired Telosity in early 2019 to help us articulate our brand promise through our story. Many arts organizations struggle with explaining who they are versus what they do. Elora Singers were no different. We had some big ambitions which would require significant investment, but we couldn’t articulate our “why” to quote Simon Sinek. A story is fundamental to the development of a complicated brand like the Elora Singers. Through a thoughtful process, many internal and external interviews, the team at Telosity helped us craft a compelling story about our why and our difference. Both parts of that story are necessary to build an executable strategy and truly engage stakeholders to realize that strategy. The pandemic has required us to revisit our strategy, but our core story is the same. The story is so embedded that our strategy was easy to adjust to new realities and help us recover and thrive. Despite the challenges, we have even surpassed our pre-pandemic goals. Thank you Telosity.”

Peter Barr, Chair of the Board

“Throughout The Elora Singers project, the Telosity team led us through a thorough and thought-provoking process to discover, understand and articulate our organization's purpose, identity and values. The Telosity team captured points of view from across the whole organization and used this input to create a well-crafted articulation of The Elora Singers' brand and show us how to act upon it within our human and financial resources. Our work with Telosity enables us to adapt our operations and strategic priorities to the new opportunities and challenges we continue to experience as an arts organization. It has been invaluable in confronting the upheaval caused by Covid-19. As a cohesive team, we have responded in an effective and timely manner and are now a stronger organization than we were before the pandemic started. I recommend that anyone looking for ways to build team momentum around a common purpose should call The Telosity Company.”

Norman Lord, Board Member


The Elora Singers now have concrete piece to function as their “North Star.” It can guide brand strategy, marketing decisions, fundraising campaigns, and decisions around content creation. The Elora Singers have a rock in that can provide them with the much needed stability during periods of turbulence. And as we have seen in this pandemic, it works.

The Elora Songers are a living example of the strategic advantage, brand clarity, and organizational unity, a clear purpose and identity can bring.



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