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Player’s Health    2018 - Ongoing

Player’s Health is a leading risk management firm in sports. They have built turnkey risk management and insurance solutions for organized athletics so players can triumph on and off the field. This ensures that your sports organization is safe and easier to run.


We ran a three day company offsite and began by understanding the passion behind the business; the purpose that kept them motivated to succeed. Knowing the drive behind the business we then built the operating framework and revenue plan to grow the business and valuation for fundraising. This meant building a Participation Strategy that focused efforts on North America. Now know the purpose and strategy to build the business, we built the identity around the business to support the brand and story and the culture of the team.

“I first would like to say that it brings me great joy to be writing this testimonial. Words can’t really describe what Telosity means to Player’s Health but I am going to make an attempt to describe the impact that they have had on our company. When we first came in contact with Dan and Chris, Player’s Health had no identity. Chris and Dan helped us make sense of who we are and gave us the confidence to lead with our mission. They helped us give birth to a company that is changing the world. Telosity helped guide everything from our business model to our hiring process, to the way we sell our product and helped us present our brand in a way that was truly authentic to who we are as Founders and how we ultimately want to shape the youth sport industry we operate in. We don’t see them as vendors, we see them as a very important part of our internal team. I am forever indebted to them for their generosity, thoughtfulness, and belief in me and my vision. I can confidently say that we would not be where we are today without them. If you are a company that is struggling to connect with your market in an impactful and authentic way I would highly suggest you reach out to them for support. The world needs more people like Dan and Chris and I feel extremely blessed to have them as partners.”

Tyrre Burks, CEO and Founder, Player’s Health


Shortly after our offsite, they successfully closed a deal on their first big client and landed venture capital money. So far they have received $6.1 million in funding. They received this feedback, “we aren’t working with you because of what you’ve done, we are working with you because of who you are.” We continue to work with they on various projects as they are now a growth company looking to scale and build revenue. This means meeting our KPIs set out by the venture capital firm and the leadership of the organization.

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